Q1 2022

-Rhodium Coin website, CardanoCube and ICO launch

-Build Social Media

-Discord Server

- Complete ICO RHOD  200,000 tokens, Founders NFT's, Original Holder NFT's 

- Advertise on CardanoFeed and Cardano Assets. 

Q2 2022

-Upgrade the RHOD token and distribute new token to our ICO participants 

-Live for trading on both MuesliSwap SundaeSwap & Minswap

-MILK/RHOD reward pool on MuesliSwap

-RHOD stake pool 

-NFT rewards distributed

-VyFi RHOD Vault

-Rhodium Coin Staking NFT

-Rhodium Pirate NFT


Q3 2022

-Merch Store on Website

-Continued Marketing Efforts

-Strategic Partnerships

Q4 2022

-Rhodium Vault NFT 

-Utility Partnerships

-Founder & Original NFT Rewards

-ADA Stake Pool Rewards